Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University is the state’s higher education institute which is recognized as the classic medical school in Ukraine. The institute holds the fourth grade, which is the highest accreditation level of Ukraine and its main aim is to accomplish the status of a medical research university. Uzhhorod National University strictly follows the laws of Ukraine government in terms of education and accommodations. The university persist its place under top 10 medical universities of Ukraine. Students who wish to apply for foreign medical schools and seeking cheapest medical schools,Uzhhorod National Medical University is the best option for them.

Staff, Faculty and Candidates:

Our University flourishes with 144 doctors, 694 candidates, 12 lecturers, two members from National Science Academy supported by our highly experienced professors and associate professors. Every year, more than 40 dissertations are submitted by the scientists of our university. We train more than 300 Postgraduate students in 53 specialties every year.


Uzhhorod National University accomplishes nearly 30 medical conferences which are supported worldwide every year. Thousands of journals and articles based on scientific and medical are published. Our conferences come up with some of the current health issues and diseases. We are focusing on some tough medical terms and diseases and remedies to control them. Thousands of participants from all corners of the world join the conference every year making our conferences successful.

Our Support to Students:

Students are the most important assets of any educational institution. We provide full support to them to make their future bright. We always welcome our old students no matter where they are after the completion of their graduation. Our pure intention is to nurture our students in medico friendly environment in order to make them pioneer in medical science. Our constant support helps students in recognizing their potential and ability. We prefer our students to be placed in highly recognized medical centers of world. Our alumnus has been placed in some top medical centers of Ukraine and other part of European continents with satisfactory packages.


The local language is Ukrainian but to avoid communication gap among foreign students so that they would not feel odd in the environment, we potentially deliver lectures in 9 different languages of our neighboring countries including Ukraine like Czech, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian, French, English, Russian, Slovak and Romanian. Among these English is most frequently used language; most of our lectures are supported in English. We also provide special training courses in order to learn the culture and tradition of Ukraine, providing students a glimpse of the local spoken language so that they can understand the localities.

Uzhhorod National University is a very dynamic university, It is not only a medical school related with only medical jargons but it also teaches humanity science to students to make them mature in their life. Our experienced faculties of Humanities are always available to help out the students with their full efficiency. We, in the university give a platform to all students belonging to different ethnicity to display their tradition and culture in our annual functions and curricular activities.



Duration (in Years):

6 Years

Languge of Study:


Total Package (expenses for 6 Years):

14.82 Lakh

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